lunes, 16 de octubre de 2017

Sólo dime dónde

Gorrito : Beusy: Wool Knit Beanie (3:00 A.M. Gacha Boxed) UNCOMMON

Cejas : *Birth* 'Bushy' Eyebrow Appliers Tintable [Find a moustache / Hint: Warning Warning!] (MOH10) FREE HUNT

Barba (vello facial) : -Nivaro- Applier Beards - Trible Stubble 2 [Find a moustache / Hint: Money money money!] (MOH10) FREE HUNT

Piercings (lengua) : /N-R/ (bento) Tongue Stars -black- marketplace New!

Camiseta : CHUCK'S FIRST BASIC T- SHIRT [Find a moustache / Hint: What's on the side of the cages] (MOH10) FREE HUNT


Zapatillas : [VALE KOER] V-3 TRAINERS Group Gift

Ojos : Go&See * MOH10 * Catwa Eyes [Find a moustache / Hint: Where smile grows] (MOH10) FREE HUNT

Tatuaje : TAOX Tattoo Dear Devil [Find a moustache / Hint: hush! I do not know why Zackar the Russian wear the mustache now...] (MOH10) FREE HUNT

Poses : -IC Poses- Single Pack Male 4 (Hipster Men Event) New!

jueves, 12 de octubre de 2017


Pelo : Stealthic - Haunting

Ojos : AG. Cold Day Eyes [Find a moustache / Hint: I feel like a NEW man since I grew a mustache!] (MOH10) FREE HUNT

Skin : Modulus - Curtis Skin (TMD) New!

Jersei : ..::ILLI::.. Knitted Sweater  - deluxe (TMD) New!

Pantalón : <kalback> Original Jeans M2 Ripped_Light Blue

Zapatillas : ..::ILLI::.. Jake Leather Sneakers  - deluxe (The Darkness) New!

Colgante : [Gild] Key necklace [Find a moustache / Hint: Small flame] (MOH10) FREE HUNT

Tatuaje : **UrbanStreet** Style Tattoo (Bodyfy) New!

Boxers : ::ALTER:: Brian - Boxers [Find a moustache / Hint: Mike has what you are looking for] (MOH10) FREE HUNT

Poses : grafica ~ gwrido [Find a moustache / Hint: Hoppity hop hop!] (MOH10) FREE HUNT

viernes, 6 de octubre de 2017

Échale tus buenos momentos!

Pelo : no.match_ ~ NO_EXCUSE ~ ESSENTIALS (MOM) New!

Skin : VYC - DEACON Face #2 (MOM) New!

Ojos : MESANGE - Quartz Eyes Mini Pack [Find a moustache / Hint: Find the events room] (MOH10) FREE HUNT

Tatuaje : -Endless Pain Tattoos- Tiamat- Omega Hud [Find a moustache / Hint: The Darkness within me] (MOH10) FREE HUNT

Camiseta : N-Uno - Gary Top // N 2 // (MOM) New!

Chaqueta (al hombro) : N-Uno - Gary  Jacket // N 3 // (MOM) New!

Pantalón : N-Uno - Gary Pants // N 2 // (MOM) New!

Zapatillas : PBM Sneakers [SKOOL] Worn Special Edition [Find a moustache / Hint: To reach our goals, we must sometimes pause and look underneath the obvious] (MOH10) FREE HUNT

jueves, 5 de octubre de 2017

I don't belong here

Pelo : Modulus - Jarek Hair

Cejas : /N-R/ (catwa/bento) Scratched Master Eyebrows marketplace New!

Piercings (lengua) : /N-R/ (bento) Tongue Piercing Set 1 marketplace New!

Barba (vello facial) : [GA.EG] Beards - O-BE06 Casual - Omega Applier (MOM) New!

Skin : Go&See * Christian * (MOM) New!


Pantalón : MGmen's_Pants_Bang_Full Pack

Zapatillas : [ VERSOV ] WONZOV_Sneakers_Black&White

Colgante : !NFINITY Mjollnir Necklace (MOM) New!

Tatuaje : **UbS** Night Tattoo (The Nightmare Event) FREE GIFT

Poses : -IC Poses- Single Pack Male 2

domingo, 1 de octubre de 2017

On the move

Pelo : Stealthic - Like Lust

Cejas : /N-R/ (catwa/bento) Scratched Handsome Eyebrows marketplace New!

Skin : AG. Dorian - Catwa Applier - Tan (MOM) New!

Barba : Unorthodox Agus Beard- Noir/Frost  TMP & Omega

Sudadera (+ camisa) : OUTLIER.//Lumber Flannel&Hoodie_Onyx (MOM) New!

Pantalón : OUTLIER.//Strapped Denim-Onyx (MOM) New!

Colgante : (luc) Vintage Coin Necklace, Silver/Black (MOM) New!

Tatuaje : TAOX Viking Helvegen unisex (MOM) New! 

jueves, 28 de septiembre de 2017

Ahora no te reconozco, no me acuerdo... no sé

Pelo : Vango. Evan_ALL

Skin : *Birth* 'Troy' Catwa Applier - 03. Tone (MOM) New!

Cejas : /N-R/ (catwa) CoolBoy Eyebrows marketplace New!

Barba (vello facial) : /N-R/ (catwa) Macho Beard marketplace New!

Sudadera sin mangas : etham - Julius Muscle Tank w/ Hoodie - All Colors (MOM) New!

Pulseras : *PetroFF* Lyon Bracelet (MOM) New!

Pantalón : <kalback> Original Jeans M2 Ripped_Light Blue

Pose : Animosity - Xion Pose Pack (MOM) New!

martes, 19 de septiembre de 2017

¿Quién tú eres?

Pelo : lock&tuft - ben fatpack

Ojos : MESANGE - Natsu Eyes (MOM) New!

Camiseta : ExalteD - Tshirt {Monday} (MOM) New!

Bañador : ExalteD - Swin {Tropical 1} (MOM) New!

Zapatillas : ..::ILLI::.. Slide Sandals  - deluxe (TMD) New!

Tatuaje : DAPPA - Gloria Tattoo. (MOM) New!

Poses : Animosity - Egypt Pose Pack (MOM) New!

miércoles, 13 de septiembre de 2017

Inside your soul

Pelo (+ sombrero) : Vango. Joe (MOM) New!

Ojos : MESANGE - Killarney Eyes (MOM) New!

Barba : Unorthodox Agus Beard- Noir/Frost  TMP & Omega

Camiseta : {Fe Style} Baranov Shirt (WHITE)

Tatuaje : DAPPA - Bison Tattoo. (MOM) New!

Camisa (cintura) : MGmen's_T-Shirt_Belt_Full Pack (TMD) New!

Pantalón : MGmen's_Pants_Nays_Full Pack (TMD) New!

Zapatillas : Native - Zeeba Sneakers AC (MOM) New!